Darren Mulholland



Ark is a static website generator built in Python. It transforms a directory of text files into a self-contained website.

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Clio is a minimalist, multi-language argument-parsing library designed for building elegant command line interfaces.

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Ibis is a lightweight, Django-style template engine in Python. It supports looping, conditionals, filters, and template inheritance.

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MP3Cat is a fast command line utility for merging MP3 files without re-encoding. It supports both constant bit rate (CBR) and variable bit rate (VBR) MP3 files.

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Pymatrix is an easy-to-use matrix library in Python. It supports a range of basic linear algebra operations.

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A Python library for parsing customizable WordPress-style shortcodes. Useful as a drop-in component in text-processing applications.

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Syntex is a lightweight, markdownish markup language for generating HTML. It's implemented in Python and can be used as both a command line utility and a Python library.

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